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Smile Jim!Jim Donak's fascination with the human body began at an early age. He began teaching himself anatomy and physiology at age 8 and studying Gung Fu at age 14. Since then, he has committed himself to in-depth studies of the healing arts, ranging from Tai Chi, kinesiology, and The Alexander Technique, to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, manual orthopedic and osteopathic techniques, and musculoskeletal therapy.

His dedication to clinical knowledge is matched by his passion for dynamic movement, including practices such as Chinese martial arts, circus arts, sports, dance and outdoor recreational activities.

Jim at Play Jim teaches anatomy and physiology, structure based bodywork techniques and sports applications for Tui Na. He has taught circus arts and functional movement for over 30 years and currently coaches at San Francisco's Circus Center where he teaches trampoline, acrobatics and his popular Physical Limitation Elimination class.

Jim's Private Practice

Jim also maintains a private practice in Berkeley and San Francisco focusing on musculoskeletal healing and athletic development using manual and exercise therapies.

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