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Practical Anatomy: Series Overview

When doing structural work the ability to distinguish and visualize structures as well as understand how they affect movement and posture is indispensable. One's proficiency with palpating these structures closely matches one's ability to do skilled manual therapy. This hands-on series helps the student to develop these abilities.

This series of classes studies the different types of tissues and structures including bones, ligaments, fascial compartments, muscles, vessels, and nerves. Functional anatomy and nerve distribution are also covered. The structures and functions are explored through visualization, palpation and movement.

The Practical Anatomy Series is comprised of the prerequisite 'Introductory' class and 7 regional classes: Shoulder & Arm, Forearm & Hand, Torso, Head & Neck, Pelvis & Thigh, Leg & Foot, and Viscera. It is recommended that you take the classes in the aforementioned order.

An introductory class is often partnered with 2 relating regional classes to create 'mini-intensives'. You can take the classes individually or as a 'mini-intensive'.

Class Descriptions
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