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Practical Anatomy: Introduction

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This class prepares students for the practical anatomy series' regional classes. It reviews basic anatomical terminology and the systems of the body as well as introduces functional anatomy.

Palpation skills are refined through practice exercises and the exploration of the tactile differences of structures that make up the body.

Students are introduced to the layout of, and resources found in Andrew Biel's Trail Guide to the Body.
Prerequisites: Length: 15 hours

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Enrollment: Contact the hosting organization

  • Required- Trail Guide to the Body: How to locate muscles, bones and more (3rd Ed or later): Biel, Andrew R.
    Suggested pre-class reading: Introduction & Chapter 1
  • Recommended- The Atlas of Human Anatomy (3rd Ed); Netter, Frank H. or equivalent
Note- Having the Trail Guide is a neccesary part of this class. Make a point to have your copy in hand.

Practical Anatomy Series Additional Resource Materials used:
  • Handouts
  • Learning Props
  • DVD- The Integral Anatomy Series (Vol. 1-3); Gil Hedley
Teaching Methods: Lecture, Visual Media, Practice, Discussion

Course Objectives:
  • To refine and develop one's proficiency with anatomical and movement terminology
  • To learn basic kinesiology concepts
  • To refine and develop one's palpation skills
  • To prepare for the Practical Anatomy Series' regional classes
  • Review of basic anatomical terms for the regions of the body, planes of movement, directions and positions.
  • Anatomy
  • Review of Palpation Techniques
  • Palpation Practice I - warm-up
  • Exploring related structures and their textural differences
  • Palpation Practice II- application
  • Review of the anatomical organization at the systemic level of the body
  • Introduction to kinesiology
  • Palpation Practice III- refinement
  • Introduction and orientation to the Trail Guide to the Body
  • Preparing for the regional classes
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