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Bending BackwardZ

  • Sundays: 12:30a-1:30p

The goal of this class is to aid you in progressing your ability to bend backwards within the context of nurturing skills that support dynamic acrobatic applications.
Paramount will be a focus on body awareness and progressive development of the essential foundations and instruction will include how to maintain functional integrity while in overhead arm support and spinal extension.
It will address aspects of the skill that have been problematic and whose solutions have been elusive. You will get expert assessment and creative effective customized training approaches that will be safe to do in your current available training space.

---a 60sec handstand against a wall
---a pushup into a bridge with 30sec hold
---backbend to waist height at wall.

Note To run; this class requires a minimum enrollment of 3 people prior to 2hours before class time.

---Employed- $20
---Underemployed- $5-$15
---Note- If you cannot afford the $5 minimum it is not a problem. Enroll by sending me an email letting me know you would like to attend for free and include the name and date of the class(es).

Enroll (pre-enrollment is required): please read carefully
Send payment via Venmo (@divingbuddah) or Paypal to (be sure to use the 'sending to a friend' option)
-In the memo put the name and date of class, the full name(s), contact email(s) and number(s) for all being enrolled.
Once payment is confirmed you will be sent a link to the class. Note that I cannot send you the link if I do not have your email address.

For more information contact Jim Donak with 'Bending BackwardZ' in the subject line.

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