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Neuromuscular Techniques for Stretching and Strengthening (NMT): Series Overview

Assisted Pidgeon One important part of wellness is the balanced qualities of range of motion (ROM), strength, stability, and good alignment. People often present pain and/or movement issues whose symptoms originate some form of imbalance in these qualities. The ability to determine and nature of the imbalance and create a treatment to restore balance is indispensable when working with movement and posture. This hands-on series helps the student to develop these abilities through the study and application of techniques which affect one's ROM, muscle tone, coordination, and posture.

This series is designed for anyone who wishes to develop versatility and precision with the use of Neuromuscular Techniques for Stretching and Strengthening to optimize one's health and athletic ability. It is ideal for manual therapists, as well as instructors of movement arts such as yoga, dance, acrobatics, etc.

The Neuromuscular Techniques for Stretching and Strengthening is comprised of the prerequisite Foundations class and 2 regional classes: Upper Body Applications and Lower body Applications.

A Foundation class is sometimes partnered with the Applications classes to create a 'mini-intensives'. You can take the classes individually or as a 'mini-intensive.

Class Descriptions
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