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Pop-Up Classses


Pop-Up Classes, What are they?
Pop-Up classes are additional offerings of classses that are regularly scheduled at the Circus Center. They offer more options with respect to locations and times. These Pop-Up classes enable those who are otherwise unable to attend the regulary scheduled classes or simply want to take more classes more opportunities to attend.

This class covers all aspects of handstanding with a focus on body awareness and progressive development of the essential foundations.
Skills such as refining your ability to maintain balance, straight arm press, and one arm are covered. The use of tiltboards other feedback props are used to customize exercises so as to get the maximum learing experience. You will gain a better understanding of what will progress you handstanding a learn take home exercises to help you along your journey.
Cost: $30
Maximum students: 8

GenieBackbend Physical Limitation Elimination (PLE)
This class is designed for those who wish to increase functional range of motion as quickly as possible. In this challenging class, you will not only increase your range of motion, but also strengthen the structures that provide control and stability while in your maximum ranges.This class emphasizes injury-free techniques that deliver the most effective results.
Cost: $40
Maximum students: 8

Enrollment: To hold a spot in a class send the cost of the class via PayPal 'friends and family.
In the memo put: the name and date of the class, your contact phone number.

For more information contact Jim Donak

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