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Physical Limitation Elimination (formerly Extreme Stretching)

  • Physical Limitation Elimination classes at the Circus Center
    Tuesdays 6:00p-8:00p
    Thursday 7:30p-9:30p

Description: Extreme Stretching

Physical Limitation Elimination (PLE) is designed for those who wish to increase functional range of motion as quickly as possible. In this challenging class, you will not only increase your range of motion, but also strengthen the structures that provide control and stability while in your maximum ranges. This is an excellent stand-alone class and is essential for those who want to excel in their acrobatic training. This class emphasizes injury-free techniques that deliver the most effective results.
It is for people who are new to the class regardless of current skill level and is also open to returning students.

Physical Limitation Elimination 2 (PLE 2) is for students who are familiar with the equipment and approaches used in the various exercises practiced in PLE. PLE 2 exercises may involve more complexity, are more customized to the individual and partner exercises are utilized more frequently.
Prerequisites: 10 PLE classes or instructor permission.

Classes are limited to 8 people.

Cost: Contact the Circus Center

Circus Center
755 Frederick Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Enrollment: Contact the Circus Center

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