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Movie Nights at Diving Buddah Studio
Diving Buddah Bodywork

Mark your calendars.
I will be hosting 2 free movie viewings at my new Downtown Berkeley Studio.

I invite you to join me for an indoor movie picnic. Bring a blanket, something comfortable to sit on, and refreshments settle back and enjoy a fantastic movie! Bring a grapefruit for additional interactive fascial exploration.

Friday, April 27
Saturday, April 28
Doors open at 6:45p, start time will be approximately 7p.

20 people

To Request your free ticket:
Don't get turned away at the door. If you plan to attend send me an email with 'I Love Fascia' in the subject line. Include your full name, contact number and date you plan to attend in the body of the email. I will send you a ticket number if you promise not to flake.

The movie is the documentary film 'Fascinating Fasciae'

This is a brand new video not yet available to the public outside of Europe. This includes the latest medical research on the fascial system. The movie runs about 55mins.

The German-French TV channel ARTE produced a 53-minute long TV documentary on fascia research. It features live-presentations with the following fascia experts as they demonstrate their latest research work: Carla Stecco, Helene Langevin, Jean-Claude Guimberteau, Thomas Myers, Antonio Stecco, Siegfried Mense, Robert Schleip, Jan Wilke, Werner Klingler, Jonas Tesarz, and Gregor Antoniadis. It includes some historical scenes of Carla Stecco in the world's oldest permanent anatomical theatre, at Padua University as well as several other highlights from the world of current fascia science.

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