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Body Education and Awareness Workshop Series
Section C of How To Train And Not Get Hurt


To be more than the sum of your parts, it helps to know the parts and how they interact.
Come to know how your body functions and you will understand how you can transform it. This series of workshops builds on itself and is best done as a set. However, if you can't attend the full series, there is plenty to learn from taking one or more workshops on an individual basis.

Workshop #1, 2hr + 1hr lab,
trunk vs limbsRefining Body Awareness: Knowing your trunk from your limbs, combining stability with mobility.

How to sit, stand and move: an exploration of poise and quality of movement. Learning to stabilize your trunk while moving your limbs and vise versa is an essential skill. Stabilizing is more than just being rigid, stability under load requires constant micro-adjusting.

Workshop #2, 2hr + 1hr lab
PloughFreedom through mobility: a look at long lines, segments stacking, and neurovascular range of movement

Knowing that you're inflexible is different than knowing how you're inflexible.
Range of motion is not solely dependent upon muscles and ligaments. Discover how, alignment, antagonist muscle relationships, fascia, and the structure of the vascular and nervous systems affect mobility.

Workshop #3, 2hr + 1hr lab
LegliftDeveloping Functional Flexibility

Being flexible in and of itself doesn't improve performance. Having strength and stability throughout your range does. Explore how to develop functional flexibility by understanding foundation skill assessment, exercise dosage and the application of a number of neuromuscular modalities.

Workshop #4, 2hr + 1hr lab
Squat SplitsReclaiming the squat and understanding the splits in terms of pelvic stability and hip mobility

The squat is our birth right, reclaiming the squat as a basic human resting position and coming to terms with the splits as they pertain to human functional movement. Not all pelvises and hips are created equal. Understanding structural differences provides insights into how to assess and modify your squat and split training.

Workshop #5, 2hr + 1hr lab
BackBendUnderstanding the "backbend" as a functional as well as foundational movement

Learning how to open up; acquiring the practical knowledge necessary to progressing through this foundational movement that is integral to posture, tumbling, inversion, and the expressivity of the human body.
This workshop will cover various learning methods with regard to increasing strength and range of motion throughout the "back bend".

Workshop #6, 2hr + 1hr lab
chest openerOpening the chest and strengthening the back.

Modern lifestyles leave us with a closed chest, rounded shoulders, and chronic muscle imbalances. Discover how to stand tall, develop a strong open upper body and maintain this alignment throughout your movements.

Workshop #7, 2hr + 1hr lab
HandstandUsing your arms as legs- growing into handstands and tumbling

Explore the integration of strength, equilibrium and refined body awareness to find grace while inverted and inverting.

Workshops are limited to a 12 people

Cost: TBD
Enrollment: TBD
Location: TBD

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