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Healthy, Happy Wrists
  • Sunday, July 12
    12:45p - 2:45p

The goal of this workshop is to give you tools to understand how to assess your wrist's function. Tools that will allow you to intelligently design your training to minimize loss-time injuries and accelerate athletic development. The workshop will include a thorough study of the forearm and hand which are intimately integrated with wrist function.

Our wrists do so much work for us, whether it be manual tasks like keyboard use or athletic training. For many, the wrists are the main region the fails in acrobatic pursuits, especially when using your arms as legs. A small mishap with an unprepared wrist can require months of recovery time. Worse yet permanently diminished function and chronic pain and stiffness in the wrists may result.
Even without a history of trauma people often struggle with load bearing exercises (planks, handstands, bridges etc.) or with grip demands and express concerns about sore wrists or tingling in their hands.

This workshop is part lecture and part lab so you will be able to integrate the information with practical exploration.

Come learn techniques to build strength and resilience in this important joint to support the longevity of your wrists.

Equipment (optional and recommended):
---firm pillow ( e.g. Yoga bolster, mattress, landing mat etc.)
---board (e.g. handstand board, rolla rolla board, pair Yoga blocks, stiff text book)
---resistance bands for pulling and grip
---floor space and/or wall for inverted support

---Employed- $25
---Unemployed <-->Underemployed- $5-$20

Send payment via Venmo (@divingbuddah) or Paypal to (use 'sending to a friend')
-In the memo put the name and date of event, the full name(s), contact email(s) and number(s) for all being enrolled.
Once payment is confirmed you will be sent a link to the class.

For more information contact Jim Donak with ' Healthy, Happy Wrists' in the subject line.

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