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Progressions Towards Excellence: Inversion Series


Workshop Description:
Starting with the basics of movements, this workshop series will help you hone your foundation and take you through more and more advanced techniques. Through hands-on instruction and the use of props each progressive step will be tailored to your personal abilities and will be guided by proper form and movement with integrity.
Workshop emphasis is on refining functional skills and learning ways to help you train safely and autonomously as you continue to advance your skill level beyond these workshops. These workshops are challenging and will benefit you ways you didn’t expect.

Workshop #1, 2hr, $40
Headstands and Handstands: Maintaining Inversion

From supporting weight on your arms, to kicking up, to pressing, this workshop guides you to developing one of the most fundamental acrobatic skills.
The workshop begins with finding stability and proper alignment in all orientations. Learn to isolate movement at the hips and shoulders while stabilizing your core. Learn to create a larger base through forearm strength. Refine your ability to sense and maintain balance.
Prerequisites: None
Maximum students: 8

GenieBackbend Workshop #2, 2hr, $40
Walkovers land Limbers: Moving Through Inversion

From standing to backbends and back again, this workshop guides you to being skillful in some of the most fundamental acrobatic moves.
The workshop begins with refining backbends and accessing upper body mobility while inverted. Learn to orient yourself while moving backwards and upside down, find stability and flow through movements with optimal sequencing.
Prerequisites: 60sec handstand against a wall, bridge pushup with 30sec hold, backbend to wall at waist height
Maximum students: 8

ChrisBackhandspring Workshop #3, 2hr, $40
Dive Rolls, Headsprings, Handsprings: Flying Through Inversion

From leaping to landing this workshop helps you to take flight and land safely and dynamically.
The workshop begins with skills to strengthen and protect your wrists and generate lift. Learn to direct your flight path, aim your landing and land smoothly. Learn to build sequences by refining your entry and exit from these maneuvers. Depending on individual skill level; back, front and Arabian flips may be taught.
Prerequisites: 60sec handstand against a wall, bridge pushup with 30sec hold, front roll, back roll
Maximum students: 6

Enrollment: TBD
Location: TBD

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