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Structuring a Training: Are you efficient with your training time?
  • Saturday, October 17
    10:00a - 11:15a (PDT)
    *Part of 2020 American Circus Educators Conference
The goal of this workshop is to give you tools to understand how to best manage time devoted to training.

This lecture/discussion based workshop will examine the various phases of a training event i.e. warm-up, technique development, conditioning and cool-down.

After a brief introduction, the structure of a training event will be broken down into its respective phases and then each phase will be explored in more depth.

The workshop will explore how to best understand the goals of each phase, the type of activity best suited to each phase, explain when to transition from one phase to the next phase, and discuss common errors and misunderstandings with respect to time investment.

Discussion of the material is encouraged to take place throughout the session.

After completing this workshop, you will be familiar the phases of a training event and be more adept at focusing your training energy towards activities that best suit your training phase.
This session will be of interest all and applicable to all activities.

---none required

For Cost and Enrollmend Information visit Virtual ACE EdCon 2020

For more information about workshop content contact Jim Donak with 'Structuring a Training' in the subject line.

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