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The Beauty of Bones
  • Saturday, March 7
    12:00p - 3:00p

Bones are amazing. They are crystallized forms that tell much about how they came to be and how the body functions. Their shapes are astounding sculptures formed by life itself.

This workshop will explore the beauty of bones both inside and out, and discover how they lived and adapted to the movement patterns of their owners.

Yes, you will learn their individual names, but much more than that you will learn to intimately know their unique forms and functions. Time will be given to discover how they join together, the foundational determiner of how we move. The study of articulations is fascinating and takes the understanding of movement patterns to a whole new level.

Their will be an abundance of bones to play with. Plastic models of human bones and real bones from a variety of species. Examine individual bones, build limbs and skeletons, you will learn bones like never before.

Workshop emphasis is on a fun and rewarding learning experience that embraces a blend of technical knowledge with an appreciation for the marvels of the natural world. Your curiosity will be sparked and your appreciation for the body will be fueled.

This workshop will benefit you in ways you didn't expect

Cost: $40
- $30; early bird prior to February 15
Capacity: 16 students

-Send payment via Venmo (@divingbuddah) or Paypal to (use 'sending to a friend')
-In the memo put the name and date of the workshop, the full name(s), contact email(s) and number(s) for all being enrolled.

For more information: Contact Jim Donak

Location: Diving Buddah Studio
2034 Blake St. Suite 6A
Berkeley, CA 94704

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