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How to Train and Not Get Hurt


In this complete 32 hour training course you will:
-Learn how your body responds to exercise.
-Understand the difference between pain and injury.
-Learn how to adapt exercise to specific goals.

Section A: Understand Your body (7hrs)
Presents the science of your body's tissues and the way they are affected by how you use your body.
Two 3.5-hour lecture/discussions with 1hr lunch.

  • Session 1 What are you made of?
    You will become what you do, so do what you want to become. Your tissues are alive and your body is constantly creating them anew to meet the demands you place upon them. In this lecture you will learn how to understand and better direct the creation of your tissue.
  • Session 2 How your body functions and heals
    What is your body telling you? Understanding the language of discomfort, including a survey of how locomotor system structures are injured and approaches to managing their healing.
  • Section B: Structuring your training (4hrs)
    Are you efficient with your training time? Understanding how to sequence the aspects of training and methods to be more effective with your warmup, technical training, stretching and conditioning.
    -Limited to 20 people

    Section C: Body Education and Awareness (BEAA) Series (21hrs)

    A set of 7 workshops explaining and exploring foundational skills and refining body awareness. The information presented in this BEAA series offers many insights for understanding the training approaches that are used in Physical Limitation Elimination.
    -Section C is limited to 12 people
    -For more details see Body Education and Awareness Series


  • Both Sections - TBA
  • Section A only - TBA
  • Section B only - TBA
  • *Reviewers, please inquire about discounts

    Enrollment: For more information and to enroll: Contact Jim Donak

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